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Dinosaur park

Visit the biggest dinosaur exhibition ever in Denmark. The dinosaur park in GIVSKUD ZOO - ZOOTOPIA exhibits more than 50 life-size dinosaurs – from the largest herbivore of all, measuring around 40 metres in length, to one of the most deadly carnivores, Tyrannosaurus rex.


Imagine travelling millions of years back into time. To a time when humans did not even exist on Earth. To a time when the climate was hot and the land mostly consisted of coniferous forests and widespread swamps. Denmark was completely covered by water.

This was the age of dinosaurs, as we have learned from countless excavations across the world. Finally, you have the chance to see them life-size. GIVSKUD ZOO has selected 26 of the most significant dinosaur species and gathered them in a large outdoor forest area.  


All together you can experience more than 50 dinosaurs - from newly hatched to adults. 


By a ticket to visit the dinosaurs iN GIVSKUD ZOO


The lethal carnivore, Tyrannosaurus rex, which you probably know from the film Jurassic Park. The even larger Spinosaurus with the crocodile-like jaws was also a carnivore, but most likely enjoyed a diet consisting of fish. Dilophosaurus is another well-known carnivore – you can recognise it by the two rounded crests on its skull.


See the multi-ton Triceratops, which, despite its frightening appearance, was actually a herbivore. That also goes for another easily recognisable dinosaur, Parasaurolophus, with the beautiful crest on top of its head.

Long-necked dinosaurs

You need to bend your neck far back to stare the herbivorous Diplodocus into its eyes, as it stands tall with its head 11 metres above the ground. It belongs to the group of long-necked dinosaurs that are also waiting for you in GIVSKUD ZOO, including Argentinosaurus, the world's longest dinosaur measuring 40 metres from head to tail, and Apatosaurus, previously known as Brontosaurus.


The big dinosaur exhibition area will feature different children's activities throughout the season.



Did you know that...

The dinosaurs ruled the earth for 150 million years. So far, man has only been around for approx. one million years.

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