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Ornitholestes means "birds thief".


Ornitholestes was a slim built carnivore with long legs. Probably it could run quite fast. The tail, which made up half of the animal's length, made it easier to keep the balance during running. 

At first it was believed that Ornitholestes ate birds, but in fact we only know that it was a predator. It has probably eaten lizards, small mammals and maybe small dinosaurs. It may also have been a scavenger. 

Lenght: 2-2,5m 
Weight: 10-15 kg
Age: Late Jurassic (155-145 mio. years ago)


Did you know about Ornitholestes

that there is only one fossil of Ornitholestes? It is an incomplete skeleton with a crushes skull, which was found in the year 1900. Because the skull was broken, it is unclear whether Ornitholestes had a horn on the nose or not. 

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