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GIVSKUD ZOO - ZOTOOPIA's main objectives are to disseminate information, conserve endangered species and to conduct research, as well as to offer visitors a stimulating recreational environment.


Nearly 50 years of development

GIVSKUD ZOO has been passing on information and letting visitors experience animals at close hand for nearly 50 years. GIVSKUD ZOO - ZOOTOPIA first opened in 1969 and was originally known as the Lion Park since the only residents were lions. Since then, many new animals have been introduced and the park is now home to some 50 different species.


Profits are not the goal
GIVSKUD ZOO - ZOOTOPIA is one of just eight zoos in Denmark to have been recognised by the State. These zoological institutions are all non-profit-making and adhere to a set of ethical rules which prescribe that their aims are as follows:


- Education and the dissemination of information

- The conservation of endangered species

- Research


Duties of a modern zoo
GIVSKUD ZOO - ZOOTOPIA was officially recognised by the State in 1989, and today it is a modern zoo with all the duties and obligations this entails. The park’s main objectives are the dissemination of information, the conservation of endangered species and research – all in a recreational environment which allows visitors to experience the animals in a relaxed setting.

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