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Allosaurus means “different lizard”. It got this name because its backbone was different to others that had been found at that time.


Allosaurus was the apex predator of its age – Allosaurus teeth marks have been found in Stegosaurus bones, for example. It must have been very common, because a great many Allosaurus bones have been found. As a result, a great deal is known about this dinosaur. For example, researchers have discovered that it changed its teeth very often. Its teeth were up to 10 cm long, serrated and curved backwards. Even though its forelegs look short, they were very strong and each featured three fingers tipped with large claws.

Length: 9-12 m
Weight: 1,5-2,5 t
Age: Late Jurassic (155-150 mio years ago)



Did you know about Allosaurus

that in some places, several Allosaurus skeletons have been found together? Some researchers think this proves that these large predators lived in packs – like lions do today.

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