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The name means “wounding tooth”. It got this name on account of its serrated teeth.


Troodon is considered to have been one of the most intelligent dinosaurs. Even though it was only about as intelligent as modern birds, this was quite impressive at the time. Several of Troodon’s closest relatives had feathers, so researchers are almost certain that Troodon was feathered as well. Troodon was a skillful hunter. It was fast, sharp-eyed and skilled at judging distances. In addition, it had serrated teeth and a sickle shaped claw on each foot.

Length: 2-2,5 m

Weight: 40-50 kg
Age: Late Cretaceous (75-65 mio years ago)


Did you know about Troodon

that a number of Troodon nests have been found, and evidence suggests that the male of the species hatched the eggs? This behaviour corresponds to what many species of bird – including rheas and emus – do today.

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