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Givskud Zoo Nature Fund

Around the world, habitats for animals are shrinking, many species have already disappeared, and many others are endangered. Therefore, there is a need to take action if these species are to be preserved. The Givskud Zoo Nature Fund aims to support conservation projects around the world. The fund is administered by GIVSKUD ZOO - ZOOTOPIA, and all contributions go directly to conservation efforts.


What the fund supports

The fund supports projects that work to protect animals in their natural habitats, land acquisition and protection, research for conservation purposes, and education.

Funding for the fund

For every ticket or annual pass purchased at GIVSKUD ZOO - ZOOTOPIA, 10 kroner goes to the Givskud Zoo Nature Fund. Therefore, all ticket buyers support this good cause. In addition, the fund receives funds for distribution through approved fundraising efforts, sales of special products, and experiences in the park.

Givskud Zoo Nature Fund awards support three times a year – January, April, and October.

Further down on this page, you can read about how you can support the foundation and thus endangered animals.






Examples of supported projects


You can support Givskud Zoo Naturfond

You can submit your contribution to Givskud Zoo Naturfond directly by transferring funds to the foundation's bank account. 


Account: Naturfondskonto Givskud Zoo 
Reg. no.: 7030
Account no.: 023791-7

IBAN: DK4570300000237917



All contributions go directly to various conservation projects in vulnerable nature areas.

Thank you.

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