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Gigantoraptor means "giant thief".

Gigantoraptor was probably a large herbivore but maybe it could also feed on small animals. It had a large toothless beak, but also some very large claws. Therefore it is still discussed what it ate. Perhaps the claws were used to tear fruit down from the trees. Since only one fossil of Gigantoraptor has been found, we do not know much about its appearance. We know that the Oviraptorides, which reminds mostly of the Gigantoraptors, had feathers. So, therefore, we expect that Gigantoraptor also had feathers. However, Gigantoraptor was 35 times larger than the second largest Oviraptorid ever found.

Lenght: 7-10m

Weight: 1 - 1,5t 
Age: Late Cretaceous (70 mio. years ago)

that Gigantoraptor probably didn't had feathers all over the body as big animals often have trouble keeping body temperature down.

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