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On this site your can see on which days queues are likely to be shortest at GIVSKUD ZOO.

High season queue barometer

We've made it even easier to plan your trip. There is best space in the park on Mondays and Sundays. So please plan your visit here and avoid waiting time at GIVSKUD ZOO - ZOOTOPIA.


There are plenty of recreational areas inside GIVSKUD ZOO and plenty of space – even on busy days in the high season. As most of our visitors arrive by car, there may be queues at the drive-in entrance early in the day. See on which days queues are likely to be shortest.  

Park your car and walk into to zoo

On busy days you may find it more easy to park in front of the ticket office and walk into the zoo. By feet you can easily experience the animals aorund P1 and P3, visit the dinosaur area and the huge playground. Later during the day you may pick up the car and take the classic safari tour. 


The table is for guidance only. We draw your attention to the fact that the number of visitors often depends on wind and weather conditions.

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Week 26   27-06   28-06   29-06   30-06   01-07   02-07   03-07
Week 27   04-07-21   05-07


  07-07   08-07   09-07   10-07
Week 28   11-07-21   12-07   13-07   14-07   15-07   16-07   17-07
Week 29   18-07   19-07   20-07   21-07   22-07   23-07   24-07
Week 30   25-07   26-07   27-07   28-07   29-07   30-07   31-07
Week 31   01-08   02-08   03-08   04-08   05-08   06-08   07-08
Week 32   08-08   09-08


  11-08   12-08   13-08   14-08
  Little or no waiting  during
  the hours of 10-13
  Expect to wait during the hours of 10-13       Expect to wait for some time during the hours of 10-13


We reserve the right to close the park if there are too many guests in the park.

Sådan bliver du klogere end de andre

Tilmeld dig GIVSKUD ZOOs nyhedsbrev, så du altid kan fortælle de bedste historier om dyrene på safarituren.