Full ProgramToday 10-16
Buy tickets to GIVSKUD ZOO and go on an exciting safari and visit the zoo where you can see many other animals.


After having paid the entrance fee you have free access to the zoo, the safari, the Dinosaur Park and the Ice Age Exhibition. Remember to buy entrance fees online and save money. Let yourself be tempted by Wake Up Zoo and tours with the Safari Bus.

Entrance Fee

Buy upon arrival

  Buy Online and save money
(Payment only in DKK)

Adults (aged 12 and upwards)
 DKK 220/€ 30,99
  DKK 210
Children (aged 3-11)
DKK 120/€ 16,90
DKK 110
Children below the age of 3 
Seniors (+65) DKK 220/€ 30,99 DKK 210 
Disabled* DKK 220/€ 30,99 DKK 210
    BUY online 

*If a person with disabilities is dependant on an escort, max. 1 escort will have free admission, provided the disabled person presents an escort ID, issued by a handicap organisation from the native country, when purchasing admission ticket.

Annual pass

With an annual pass you can visit GIVSKUD ZOO as often as you like - and get discounts and free visits to other zoos. 



Buy upon arrival

Adults (aged 12 and upwards)


DKK 420

Children (aged 3-11)


 DKK 220

Children below the age of 3 





Ticket conditions

Read terms and condtions for purchasing tickets from our online shop here. There is no refund on online tickets. Note that online offers cannot be combined with any other discounts or special offers.  

Group prices (> 20 persons)

Adults (aged 12 and upwards)                                                                          DKK 200/€ 28,16
Children (aged 3-11)                                                                          DKK 100/€ 14,08
Children below the age of 3                                                                                             Free




Wake Up Zoo®*

The price include Wake up Zoo as well as admission to the park for the rest of the day.

    ONLY payment online
(Payment only in DKK)
 Adults (aged 12 and upwards)   DKK 290/(€ 40,85)
Children (aged 3-11)   DKK 145/(€ 20,42)
Children below the age of 3     Free



*There is no discount for annual card holders, like any free tickets and vouchers cannot be used as payment.


Safari Bus and Safari Guide

Adults (aged 12 and upwards DKK 40/€ 5.63
Children (aged 3-11)   DKK 40/€ 5.63
Children below the age of 3 Free
Seniors (+65)   DKK 40/€ 5.63

Hear about the animals in your own car -

choose a Safari Guide

 DKK 40/€ 5.63

Remember to buy the ticket to the bus in ticket sales. No tickets are sold on the bus. 

Sådan bliver du klogere end de andre

Tilmeld dig GIVSKUD ZOOs nyhedsbrev, så du altid kan fortælle de bedste historier om dyrene på safarituren.