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Previous supported projects

Here you will find a list of conservation projects that Givskud Zoo Naturfond has previously supported.


Åmosen, Ulkestrup Lyng
Åmosen in Sjælland is one of the few remaining raised bogs in Denmark, and one of the country's largest continuous lowland and marsh areas. Givskud Zoo Naturfond has donated 10,000 DKK to the Danish Nature Fund, which with the donation has purchased 100 hectares of land in the raised bog, which will now be allowed to grow as natural wilderness forever. Here, birds, mammals, and insects can live in peace in an untouched area.

Plastic Change

The organization works, among other things, to put pressure on politicians to ensure that microplastic pollution is reduced. It also works to inform and advise companies on using less plastic. Givskud Zoo Naturfond has supported with 10,000 DKK.

CBSG: Conservation Breeding Specialist Group

The group works for more effective nature conservation, including in collaboration with zoos.

Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary
Chimpanzee rescue station in Sierra Leone. The project was supported due to the enormous financial problems the center faced when the Ebola epidemic hit West Africa.

Mara Naboisho Lion Project
The project works on coexistence between Maasai people and lions in Kenya. The research aims to provide the local Maasai with knowledge about lion ecology so that they can better avoid conflicts with wild lions. Another goal is to map the lions' movements in the area. The Nature Fund has donated a radio collar for a lion and also paid for a subsequent repair of the collar.
2011, 2013

Wild Asian Water Buffalo 
“Population and Habitat Viability Assessment Workshop” 

WWF Greater Mekong Vietnam
Saola workshop: Workshop with the aim of protecting the extremely rare Saola.

Utrecht Universitet
Pygmy hippopotamus project. Monitoring of animals in nature.

Support for EAZA-projects

GIVSKUD ZOO - ZOOTOPIA and Givskud Zoo Nature Fund also support EAZA's (European Association of Zoos and Aquaria) campaigns every year. Below you can see what the campaigns focus on.
Læs om EAZA

EAZA Pole to Pole Campaign
Focus on animals in polar regions.
2013 - 2015

EAZA Southeastasia Campaign
Support for projects fighting the major nature crisis in Southeast Asia.
2012, 2013

EAZA Ape Campaign
Support for projects working to conserve great apes in both Africa and Asia.

EAZA Carnivore Campaign
Focus on European carnivores and how we can live side by side with them.
2009, 2010

EAZA Madagascar Campaign
Support for various projects in Madagascar, including research and support for better management of natural resources.

EAZA Year of the Frog
Support for conserving the world's highly endangered amphibians. Conservation, but also captive breeding.

EAZA Rhino Campaign
Support for various rhinoceros projects in both Africa and Asia. Including salaries and equipment for rangers.
2006, 2007



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