Givskud Zoo Naturfond

Givskud Zoo Naturfond is a foundation that supports nature conservation projects around the world.

In the name of nature conservation

Givskud Zoo Naturfond is managed by GIVSKUD ZOO in such a way that all funds, including private contributions, are passed in full to nature conservation projects. If you want to help protect the animals in the African rainforests or the orang-utans in the jungles of Borneo, or if you want to contribute to any of the other projects supported by the nature foundation around the world, please submit your contribution to Givskud Zoo Naturfond. Read the bottom of this page for details conserning donations.


CWAF (Cameroon Wildlife Aid Fund)

A large share of the foundation’s money goes towards the dissemination of information at Mvog Betsi Zoo in the Cameroonian capital of Yaoundé. The funds are used to pay the wages of James Jeta and three other educators at Mvog Betsi Zoo. James’ job is to raise the local population’s awareness of the consequences of hunting the animals in the rainforest – so-called bush meat. The locals are often not aware that hunting and selling bush meat is illegal, and that gorillas and other large species are highly endangered. James and his colleagues are in the process of setting up an educational service which will pass on this message to approx. 10,000 school children a year. 


EAZA campaigns

Every year, the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA) mounts a campaign designed to protect a particular species or area. GIVSKUD ZOO supports these campaigns every year. The 2006 campaign focused on the world’s five endangered rhino species, and our visitors donated no less than DKK 70,000 towards the campaign. In addition to the money collected in the park, Givskud Zoo Naturfond also makes a donation of around € 1,000 to the campaign. The 2007 campaign focused on the island of Madagascar, which enjoys a unique natural environment as a result of its isolation from the African mainland. The 2008 campaign focuses on the current mass extermination of amphibians.


You can support Givskud Zoo Naturfond

You can submit your contribution to Givskud Zoo Naturfond directly by transferring funds to the foundation's bank account. 


Account: Naturfondskonto Givskud Zoo 
Reg. no.: 7030
Account no.: 023791-7

IBAN: DK4570300000237917



All contributions go directly to various conservation projects in vulnerable nature areas.




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