Open today: 09:30-19



Safari Grill is GIVSKUD ZOO - ZOOTOPIA's fastfood restaurant. It is located right next to the giant playground and the goat area.





BURGERS (served as normal or plain)

Puppy Burger: 85g beef patty with greens and dressing 

Price: DKK 52,-
Menu: DKK 105,-
(Menu is served with a surprise)

The bear cub's favourite: Two meatballs, rye bread, cheese snack, raisins, fruit, and greens

Price: DKK 70,-
Menu: DKK 110,-

Lion burger: 120g beef patty with greens and dressing

Price: DKK 80,-
Menu: DKK 115,-

Chicken burger: with greens, dressing, welfare chicken fillet, and bacon

Price: DKK 75,-
Menu: DKK 115,-

Falafel burger: falafel patty, vegetables and dressing

Price: DKK 70,-
Menu: DKK 110,-

Chicken sticks: 5 pieces of welfare chicken sticks. Includes 2 pieces of optional dip

Price: DKK 59,-
Menu: DKK 109,-



DKK 6,-


DKK 10,-

*All menus are served with french fries and beverages




Fried sausage

DKK 23,-

Fried frankfurter

DKK 30,-

French hotdog

Price: DKK 29,-
Menu: DKK 80,-

Sausage bread

DKK 8,-

*All menus are served with french fries and beverages



French fries, small

DKK 26,-

French fries, large

DKK 40,-

Chili Cheese Bites, 3 pc.

DKK 15,-

Pasta Salad

DKK 39,-

Ketchup, remoulade or mayonnaise for french fries, pr. pcs.

DKK 3,-


You can find Safari Grill at the area P3.

It is not possible to reserve seats in advance at the Safari Grill.

Child (3-11 years)
0 pcs
Adult (12+years)
0 pcs
Ticket can be used on all opening days in all of the 2023 sæsonen.