Full ProgramToday 10-20
Drive on safari and get close to giraffes and other animals at GIVSKUD ZOO.

Around the park

Click here to learn more about what there is to see at GIVSKUD ZOO. The park is very large so we recommend you plan your visit in advance.

Drive and walk

GIVSKUD ZOO is a safari park which is best experienced by car and on foot. The park is divided into safari routes separated by large pedestrian areas, each with adjacent car parks (P1, P2 and P3).

You can take your own vehicle with you into the park or you can take the Safari Bus, where the driver acts as a guide, explaining about the animals you see on the tour.

To make the most of your visit, we recommend that you spend 5-6 hours in the park.



Oplev hvidhalede gnuer på safarituren i GIVSKUD ZOO.

You will receive a park guide and map

At the entrance, you will receive a park guide with useful tips and all the information you need during your visit. 
You can download a park guide in PDF format. 


Learn more

Click the menu items to learn more about different ways to explore the park.

Sådan bliver du klogere end de andre

Tilmeld dig GIVSKUD ZOOs nyhedsbrev, så du altid kan fortælle de bedste historier om dyrene på safarituren.