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Dogs and cats are welcome


Your are welcome to bring your dog or cat to GIVSKUD ZOO - HOSTEL. The price is:
DKK 250 per room per stay
(If the stay exceeds seven days, it will then cost 150 per week)

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Rules for dogs at GIVSKUD ZOO - HOSTEL

In order for all our guests to enjoy their stay, there are a few guidelines that must be observed when you bring a dog on your holiday with us.

The dog must not be alone in the room and must not stay on the furniture.
The dog is not allowed in the breakfast room or in the communal kitchen on the 1st floor.
The dog must be on a leash as soon as it is outside the room.

Remember to bring your own dog basket, food and water bowls and accessories etc. It is expected that dogs brought to GIVSKUD ZOO – HOSTEL are calm, used to many people and new places, are not noisy, and that consideration is given to other guests who may not like dogs.
It is important that you notify us prior to your stay if you are bringing a dog, as we have a limited number of rooms where dogs are allowed.

Your Hund is also welcome in GIVSKUD ZOO - ZOOTOPIA 

However, dogs has to be on a leash and they are not allowed on the safari bus, in enclosures  where you walk among the animals and in the lion facility.

Child (3-11 years)
0 pcs
Adult (12+years)
0 pcs
Ticket can be used on all opening days in all of the 2023 sæsonen.