The Animals

Would you like to know more about the animals in GIVSKUD ZOO??

At GIVSKUD ZOO, you can experience many different species. Almost one third of these species are endangered in the wild, and they therefore form part of an important international breeding programme involving zoos all over the world. 

GIVSKUD ZOO is the only place in Denmark where you can see gorillas, the extremely rare African bongo antelope and South American giant otters. And, of course, the big draw at GIVSKUD ZOO is the huge pride of lions. 

Large enclosures

The animals at GIVSKUD ZOO are free to roam in large enclosures. Many of these areas are home to mixed groups of animals; for example, the Savannah is the preserve of rhinoceroses, gnus, gemsboks, black horse antelopes and African buffalo.


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