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Here you can find directions on how you get to GIVSKUD ZOO to see animals like giant otters, lions and many others.

Find your way by bus/train/plane

GIVSKUD ZOO can be reached by bus, train and plane.

By bus

From Horsens or Tørring:

The public bus company, Midttrafik, operates line number 220, which runs between Horsens and Tørring. Use the connecting line number 117 between Tørring and Give operated by the public bus company Sydtrafik.  The bus stops at Stadionvej in Givskud - approx. 800 m from GIVSKUD ZOO.

Please note that the bus only runs Monday-Friday.


From Vejle:

The public bus company, Sydtrafik, operates line number 211, which runs between Vejle and Riis. The bus stops at the main road in front of GIVSKUD ZOO.

Please note that the bus only runs Monday-Friday.


By train

The closest train station is Jelling – eight kilometres away from Givskud. It is possible to catch a bus or taxi from Jelling to Givskud. However, we suggest that you get off at Vejle station and take bus number 211 to Givskud.


By plane

The closest airport is Billund which is only 20 km from GIVSKUD ZOO. From Billund you can catch a bus or a taxi to Givskud.

Sådan bliver du klogere end de andre

Tilmeld dig GIVSKUD ZOOs nyhedsbrev, så du altid kan fortælle de bedste historier om dyrene på safarituren.