Full ProgramToday 10-20
Let your kids try all the fun activities at GIVSKUD ZOO.

Specially for children

Take a break during the Safari Tour. Let the children bake bonfire bread and pan for gold in the Teepee Camp, play scientists in the Dino Camp or make a charm in the Ice Age Camp. They can also spend some energy on our huge play area. Small children love the play area where they can stroke a goat too. Take a break – let your children loose.

Play Area

Let your children run wild on our huge play area with the nine metre tall Skywalk and designated areas specially for small children

– a chance for you to sit down and relax. 

 GIVSKUD ZOO har flere store legepladser.

Stroke a goat 

The goats are kept in an enclosure which has a slide and see-saws for small children.

 Klappegederne i GIVSKUD ZOO er meget populære.

Pan for gold

Visit the Teepee Camp and try your hand at panning for gold. You can exchange the gold you find for a cool Zoo medallion (a fee will be charged). Open at weekends, on Public Holidays and every day in the high season.

 Gå på jagt efter guld i tipilejren i GIVSKUD ZOO.

Teepee Camp

 In the North American Teepee Camp, children can bake bonfire bread (free of charge) at weekends, on Public Holidays and every day in the high season.

Hyg og bag snobrød med familien i GIVSKUD ZOOs tipilejr.

Wheel chair swings

Two large wheelchair swings have been installed at the large play area on P3. Wheelchair users can ride the entire chair in the swing and swing back and forth.

Sådan bliver du klogere end de andre

Tilmeld dig GIVSKUD ZOOs nyhedsbrev, så du altid kan fortælle de bedste historier om dyrene på safarituren.