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Read about the physical setting in the Boma camp at GIVSKUD ZOO.

The physical setting

Here you can read about the physical setting in the Boma camp.


The Boma camp is located next to car park P2, approx. 1 km from the park entrance. You can either walk or drive between the two. The settlement consists of large safari tents, a kitchen cabin, a camp fire site, and a small hut overlooking an African Savannah where rhinos roam.


The tents

You will be allocated your own tent, but you should be prepared to meet other zoo enthusiasts in the camp during your stay. 


There are a total of four tents with 8 bunk beds. The beds are equipped with a covered foam mattress, as well as a duvet and pillow, and there is a linen pack including a large towel for all guests.


The tents stand on a solid floor, and they are all fitted with fly sheets to prevent the build-up of moisture. In addition, all tents are furnished with a large table and stools, as well as blankets for you to use if the night is cold. There is electric light in the tents, but as the surroundings are not illuminated it is a good idea to bring a torch with you.


The kitchen cabin

The kitchen cabin is equipped with a refrigerator, electric kettle, coffee maker and a range of kitchen utensils.


Camp fire site

In the centre of the camp, there is a camp fire site with a large barbecue grating where you can place pots and pans. The camp fire area is dotted with tree stumps to sit on, as well as standing-height tables. Kindling and wood for the fire are available in the camp.



The building next to the Boma camp contains standard toilets and toilets for disabled people. These facilities are also used by the other visitors to the park.



Four basic, outdoor shower cabins with hot water have been set up next to the Boma camp. They are covered and fitted with lockable doors.


Fire safety

Whenever you make a camp fire, you must keep it supervised at all times, and there must always be a bucket of water in the immediate vicinity.

The camp is stocked with fire-fighting equipment including fire beaters, powder extinguishers, a fire hose and ladders.

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