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Throughout the season there are many exciting activities and events.

Events 2021 
24-25 April      Working dogs show at the zoo

Learn mere about dogs and meet specialists who work with dogs.


15-16 May         Wild waterholes
It scribbles and scratches when GIVSKUD ZOO focuses on "Wild water holes". Join the expedition in the wild marsh and see what is hiding between the reeds.

19-20 June      The world of dinosaurs
Travel back in time to discover the terrifying and fascinating dinosaurs that roamed the earth millions of years ago. We focus sharply on long-necks and carnivores of the past.

19-20 June     Dino Camp – sleep with the dinosaurs
Stay among the giants of the past in GIVSKUD ZOO's dinosaur park. Sleep in your own tent to the sounds of the park's many animals and just below a predator dinosaur, a fly wrench, a long neck or a whole other.

14-15 Aug.           African Days and Utamaduni Dance Troupe
Learn about African culture and enjoy Utamaduni Dance Troupe performing with singing, dancing and music so
festive African vibe is guaranteed.

28-29 Aug.       Together we’ll save the world
The earth is under severe pressure. People and nature are suffering, so in order to set the course for more sustainable development for both humans and the planet, the UN has launched 17 world goals. We focus on them in GIVSKUD ZOO - ZOOTOPIA.

25-26 Sept.       Harvest market
GIVSKUD ZOO - ZOOTOPIA focuses on Denmark's edible nature. You can get good tips on what delicious things from nature you can use in cooking, and you can meet local producers and see their products at the big harvest market.

16-24 Oct.       ‘Hunters of the night’ event in autumn holidays
In the fall holidays you can get close to and learn more about hunters of the night. As always in the autumn holiday the park will be filled with pumkins, skeletons and spiders to set the halloween mood.

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