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COVID-19 restrictions on visits

Due to the Danish authorities' restrictions on COVID-19, visits to GIVSKUD ZOO - ZOOTOPIA will be different than usual.
Below you can read about precautions before, during and after your visit to park.There will also be restrictions around the park.


Before the visit
First of all, do not visit the park if you have symptoms of COVID-19.
Groups of more than 50 people cannot visit the park together.
If you do not have a valid year pass, we ask you to buy a ticket or annual pass online on our website before your visit to the park. This allows us to minimize manual operation and queue in Ticket sales.
If possible please pay by credit card or MobilePay.

During the visit
Follow all signs and the leaflet you reiceved at the entrance about the rules and comply with directions from the park staff.
Show consideration and keep away from other guests.
Use hand sanitizer and hand wash wherever referred to.
In the park's safari buses use of bandage is required. This applies to both the planned departures during opening hours and on behind-the-scenes trips such as Good morning Zoo and annual card trips. We follow Danish Health and Medicines Authority's guidelines.
Bandages must also be used at the park's restaurants. Only when guests are sitting down must the bandage be removed.
If there are 50 people gathered at one place, wait to go there until there is room.

Activities in the park may be restricted due to government directives and assembly bans. In addition, planned activities can be canceled if there are too many gathered in the same place.
Feeding and speaks about animals are canceled on the weekends of 26 and 27 September as well as 3 and 4 October.
Adhere to the health authorities' guidelines for infection protection; Avoid physical contact, wash hands and use hand sanitizer, cough and sneeze in your sleeve.
We recommend that only one person per family queues when buying tickets, food, drinks, ice cream and souvenirs
Parents must take responsibility for their children and ensure that they adhere to the guidelines.
If in doubt, please ask the staff.

The restaurants are open, but there may be a limited supply of food and beverages. It is possible to enjoy the food at the set tables and benches in the park
It is possible to use the park's barbecue as long as you adhere to good hygiene guidelines.
The park’s playgrounds are open, but parents must supervise children to adhere to good hygiene and infection protection guidelines.

After the visit
If you do not have a year pass but you want to upgrade your day ticket to an annual pass, do not return to Ticket Sales. Instead, send an email with a picture of your ticket and receipt to Then our staff will help with the upgrade.



We have done this to make your visit safer
We have introduced various measures to manage the guest flow in the park.
Hans sanitizer dispensers and sinks are set up throughout the park.
We have introduced queue numbers in Ticket sales, shop and restaurants.
Spacing markers have been set up, which guests must respect.
We have guarded extra staff who are ready with advice and guidance.
All guests are provided with a leaflet on guidelines for visits to the park.
There are signs of COVID-19 information throughout the park.
There will be extra cleaning around the park.
We encourage guests not to use cash.
Plexiglass screens are installed at Ticket sales, shop and restaurants.
We have distributed tables and benches around the park so that there is greater distance between guests.
To prevent guests from standing close together there is a restriction on access at Ticket sales, shop and restaurants. 

We are constantly monitoring the development of COVID-19, and the park follows all recommendations and guidelines from the authorities to minimize infection.



Despite the changes, we wish you a very good day in GIVSKUD ZOO - ZOOTOPIA.



Note: Changes may occur as we continuously adapt to the recommendations and experiences of the authorities.

Updated Monday, September 21, 2020


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