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GIVSKUD ZOO presents the giant ice age exhibition, Back to the ice age in 2018 and 2019.

Back to the ice age

In 2018 and 2019 GIVSKUD ZOO presents the exciting exhibition Back to the Ice Age. Meet the animal giants from the Ice Age, find out how humans lived and survived the cold - and learn more about how todays landscape was formed during the Ice Age by the massive powers from ice and water.

The unique exhibition "Back to Ice Age" in GIVSKUD ZOO offers plenty of experiences and activities for the entire family. Guests are brought back in time and can learn much more about the cold past.
There is an interactive exhibition showing how the power from ice and water pushed and shaped the landscape, as we know it today.
You can explore the fascinating and diverse wildlife of the past and experience 15 models of mammoths, woolly rhinos, saber cats and many other animals - all in actual size.
Guests can learn more about how people lived - and survived - during the ice age, where temperatures were 10 to 15 degrees colder than today.
And finally it you can meet an animal species that survived the ice age and still exists today, the reindeers.

  • Lifelike ice age animals in the dimension of 1:1 like mammoths and Saber-toothed cats
  • The forces of the ice and the powers of the cold in the ice age glaciers
  • The Mammoth Steppe and the diverse life at the ice front, from buzzing insects to the death of a mammoth
  • The human struggle to survive with stone spears, fire, and reindeer-hides.
  • How was Denmark created. And you can try playing with the landscape in the geology-sandbox yourself.
  • The research-tent that takes a closer look at what animal findings, pollen, and prehistoric DNA can tell us.
  • The sky, and get the answer to, if the ice age will return
  • How did humans live

Welcome back to the ice age in GIVSKUD ZOO.

The exhibition "Back to Ice Age" was developed and presented by Aalborg Zoo and Natural History Museum in Aarhus in 2015 and 2016. It has been established with support from Nordea-Fonden.


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