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Get close to animals at GIVSKUD ZOO and see elephants, wolves and many other animals.

Walking safari

GIVSKUD ZOO has three large car parks. There are animal pens and houses close to each of these car parks, where you can walk around and see the animals on foot.

Walking safari around P1

In the first walking area of the park, most of the animals you see are indigenous to Asia. Among others there are camels, elephants and nilgais. You can also see our pack of North American wolves.

Kom tæt på kamelerne og giv dem gulerøder i GIVSKUD ZOO.

Walking safari around P2 

In the next walking area, you'll find yourself in Africa. You'll meet banded mongooses and pygmy hippos. You can even take a walk inside an enclosure and get really close to Barbary macaques and lemurs. As you move on, you meet the gorilla family in a very large enclosure. Finally, your walk brings you a great view of the savannah with rhinos, wildebeest and antelopes.

At P2 you also find Baobab where you can experience the atmosphere and taste of Africa. The covered seats offer views of the lake and the new big playground.

 Kom tæt på GIVSKUD ZOOs store gorillaflok.

Walking safari around P3 

In the third of our three walking areas, you meet more African animals, including lions and blackbuck. Here you will find our tropical house, where you can see the rare giant otters on dry land and in the water.

From P3 you can also follow the path to the new dinosaur park. Experience more than 50 dinosaurs in life-size during the walk.

Oplev den kæmpestore argentinosaurus og andre modeller af dinosaurer i GIVSKUD ZOO.

At P3 you'll also find the Safari Shop and three places to eat: the Safari Grill, Pit Stop and the restaurant Jacobs Spisehus. At P3 there is also a huge play area.

Oplev de livlige sydamerikanske kæmpeoddere i GIVSKUD ZOO.

Use your park guide

P1, P2 and P3 and the paths between them are clearly marked on the park guide you receive at the entrance.

The park paths cover a total distance of about 6 km. 


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