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ZOOasen is GIVSKUD ZOOs family restaurant.


The GIVSKUD ZOO family restaurant. From the restaurant terrace there is a fine view out over – and direct access to – the giant playground.

At the newly refurnished restaurant ZOOasen, families can create and share their own pizzas. Choose between a whole, a half plank or your own slice as well as salads or pasta dishes. Finish off with an unlimited supply of warm pancakes and ice cream.

Choose your own pizza.


DKK 250,- one plank
DKK 130,- a half plank 
DKK 70,- a slice 


Pasta Bolognese

Price: DKK 65,-

Pasta Vegetarian
Tortellini with vegetables

Price: DKK 75,-

Tapas plate

Price: DKK 89,-


Salad meal

Price: DKK 75,-

Pancakes and ice cream

Price: DKK 69,- 


Coffee and other beverages

Choose between Cafe Latte, cappucino other other kinds of coffee

Price: DKK 29,-

Black coffee or tea
Price: DKK 25,-

To-go cups 

Price: DKK 80,-

Frech water

Price: DKK: 1 for 17,- and 2 for 30,-




GIVSKUD ZOOs restaurants have achieved the following Smileys from the authorities for cleansiness.


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