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Torvosaurus means "barbarous lizard".

Torvosaurus was one of the largest carnivores in the jurassic era and the largest predator ever found in Europe. It had up to 10 cm long teeth, and although the arms were short, they were strong and with long claws. Torvosaurus has lived simultaneously with and in the same areas as Allosaurus, and the two big carnivores reminded of each other. Two species of Torvosaurus have been found - one in Europe and one in North America. One of the differences between them was that the European species had fewer than 11 teeth in the upper jaw. The North American had more teeth.

Lenght: 9-11m
Weight: 2-4t
Age: Late Jurassic (153-148 mio. years ago)

that in Europe was Torvosaurus bigger than Allosaurus? But in North America it was just the other way round. The model in the picture above is of the European species Torvosaurus Gurneyi.

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