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Sarcosuchus means "meat crocodile".

Sarcosuchus was probably the largest crocodile ever lived on earth. However, it is not directly related to any of the crocodiles living today. Its skull shape and teeth set indicate that it ate fish. But there is probably no doubt that it has also caught medium sized dinosaurs that were looking down to the watercourse to drink. Unlike crocodile todays, it is believed that Sarchosuchus has grown all life through and has reached a length of up to 12m!

Lengt: up to 12 m
Weight: 8-10 t
Age:  Late Cretaceous (112 mio. years ago)
Ate meat and fish

that we do not know the function of the bulge on the snout of Sarcosuchus? The bulge might have been a chamber that could improve the odor of the animal, or maybe it has been some sort of sound organ.

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