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Pterodactylus means "winged finger".

Pterodactylus was not a dinosaur, but a flying lizard. The wings were formed of skin that stretched out between the extended fingers and thighs. When Pterodactylus was on the ground, it walked on all four legs. This is known because there has been found tracks from the lizard. As a grown-up, it had approx. 90 small teeth in the beak while younger animals had up to 15 teeth.This may indicate that the food was different, depending on the size of the animal.

Wingspan: 1-1,5 m
Weight: 5-10 kg
Age: Late Jurassic (150-144 mio. years ago)
Ate fish, insects and meat.

that there has been a print of skin from Pterodactylus, indicating that it had a neck bag? So maybe it has eaten the same way that pelicans do today.

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