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Kentrosaurus means "spotted lizard".

Kentrosaurus was a herbivore in family with the Stegosaurus. However, it was a bit smaller. It walked on all four legs with the head close to the ground and close to the plants it fed from. Its center of gravity has been located quite far back in the body, so perhaps it has been able to rise on the rear legs and thus reach food higher up. Kentrosaurus had plates along the neck and back. Even further back and on the shoulders there were long spikes that probably served as protection.

Lenght: 4-5m
Weight: 1 t 
Age: Late Jurassic (155-150 mio. years ago)

that the Kentrosaurus' tail was made of 40 whirls? It has made it very moveable. With the sharp spikes, it has probably been an effective defense weapon.

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