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Iguanodon means “iguana tooth”. It got this name because its teeth look like iguana teeth.

Iguanodon was a very common herbivore, whose skeletons have been found on most continents. It probably walked on all fours, but could stand on its hind legs if it had to run quickly or reach tree tops to eat the higher leaves. Several skeletons have been found together on many occasions, so it is likely this dinosaur lived in herds.

Length: 8-10 m
Weigth: 3-5 t
Age: Early Cretaceous (135-110 mio years ago)

Iguanodon had a turtle-like, toothless beak that it used to pluck pieces off plants. Farther back in its mouth, however, it had rows of teeth. Iguanodon was thus one of the first dinosaurs that was able to chew its food.

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