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Euoplocephalus means "well armored head".

Euoplocephalus belonged to the armored group of dinosaurs called Ankylosaurs. It was very sturdy built with armored and pointed back, sides and head. And then it had a big halo to defend itself. So, even though it lived with large predators like the Tyrannosaurus rex, it probably did not have much to be afraid of. The only way to get rid of Euoplocephalus was to turn it over the back. An assignment that was not easy or safe - even for the big carnivores.

Lenght: 5-6 m
Weight: 2-3 t
Age: Late Cretaceous (77-67 mio. years ago)

that even the eyelids on this tank of a dinosaur were armored? They consisted of a number of moving, foraminous plates.

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