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Ceratosaurus means ”horned lizard”.

Ceratosaurus was smaller than some of the other predators from the Jurassic period (e.g. Allosaurus). In contrast, it had a much more flexible body and tail. It almost certainly attacked both Stegosaurus and young sauropods such as Diplodocus. Teeth marks from Ceratosaurus have been found on the remains of a great many species of dinosaurs, so it was almost certainly a scavenger as well. Unlike most other predator dinosaurs, it had a row of bony ‘horns’ running down its back.


Length: 5-6 m
Weight: 0,5-1 t
Age: Late Jurassic (155-145 mio years ago)

that for a long time, it was thought that Ceratosaurus used the horns on its head for fighting? It is now thought they were used to show off for potential mates. If so, the horns were probably very colourful.


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