What's on with the animals

Every day you can experience many daily activities with the animals in GIVSKUD ZOO. You might see some of the animals beeing trained or some of the animals beeing fed. During the activities the zoo guide will tell you about the animals. When it comes to the camels, children can even lend a hand with the feeding!

Daily program

 Lion feeding all day from 10.00 o'clock (only Saturdays)

Drive through the big lion enclosure and watch the lions eating throughout the day.

Camel feeding 11.00 o'clock

Hear about the camels and their adaptations to desert living. Children may even help the zoo guide feed the camels carrots.

Wolf feeding 11.30 o'clock

Hear about the wolf pack as the wolves are fed.


Gorilla feeding 13.00 o'clock

Meet our gorilla family and hear all about the lives of the great apes.


Celebes crested macaque feeding 14.00 o'clok

See our cheeky monkeys eat their lunch and hear about their life in the wild.

Lion feeding (only Wednesdays) 14.30 o'clock

On Wednesdays the lions are being fed in the small enclosure - get close to these magnificent animals as they attack their weekly meal!

Lion speak 14.30 o'clock

Learn about the tough life of a lion on the African savannah.

NOTE: No feeding


Giant Otter feeding 15.30 o'clock

See (and hear) the zoo's most noisy inhabitants during the feeding of the giant otters.

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