Parasaurolophus means “near-crested lizard”. It got this name because the crest on its head resembled the one on Saurolophus.

Parasaurolophus is easily recognizable due to the long, swept-back crest on its head. The crest contained a number of tubes that allowed Parasaurolophus to emit a low-frequency noise – a little like a foghorn. In addition, it is believed that the crest may have helped the creature to regulate its temperature and to attract mates. Parasaurolophus could walk on all fours or on two legs.

Length: 9-11 m

Weight: 2,5 t
Age: Late Cretaceous (76-73 mio years ago)


that the fossilized stomach contents of a Parasaurolophus have been found, proving that it ate pine needles, leaves and twigs?

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