Endangered Species

A third of the approximately 50 different kinds of animals at GIVSKUD ZOO are endangered species. As a zoo, the preservation of endangered species is one of our most important tasks.

A quarter of all mammals are endangered species

The death of an animal species is generally a natural process. When species die, they are replaced by others that are more suited to the environment. All species will die out in time. The eradication of species has, however, reached a new high over the past 5,000 years as a result of human activity. UNEP, the United Nations Environment Programme, estimates that approximately 25% of all mammals are endangered today.

Endangered animals at GIVSKUD ZOO

A third of the approx. 50 different species at GIVSKUD ZOO are endangered. As a zoo, the preservation of endangered species is one of our most important tasks. Species that are unlikely to survive in the wild are kept in zoos around the world, where they form part of international breeding programmes.

Man and nature

The increase in the Earth’s human population is the chief reason for the extermination of countless species. The animals’ habitats are polluted, turned into agricultural land or eradicated altogether. Hunting is also an important factor. Man originally hunted to obtain food for his family or village, or to defend himself and his domestic animals against attacks from predators. Over time, however, hunting has developed into a huge industry with animals being killed and/or trapped for trade.

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