Diplodocus means “double beam”. It got this name on account of the two rows of bony growths on the vertebrae in its tail.

Diplodocus is the biggest dinosaur of which complete skeletons have been found. The lengths of the other ‘giants’ are partially based on estimates and assumptions. Diplodocus had both a long neck and a long tail. While it had 15 vertebrae in its neck, its tail contained 80! This meant that its tail was very flexible, and some researchers have suggested that the creature might have used it like a whip – either to defend itself or to crack loudly as a warning.

Length: 25-33 m
Weight: 13-20 t

age: Jurassic (154-146 mio years ago)


that for many years, it was thought that the biggest dinosaurs were so heavy that they spent most of their lives in water? It is now known that they walked on dry land, eating from trees and bushes. 

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