Dilophosaurus means “double-crested lizard”.

Dilophosaurus has been named for the two crests on the top of its head. No-one knows what it used them for. They might have served to attract the opposite sex. The teeth in its upper jaw are divided into two rows with a gap between them. As a result, Dilophosaurus looks a bit like a crocodile. The positioning of the teeth suggests it is unlikely the dinosaur could use them to kill large prey. So it may well have used the claws on its hands and feet instead. Or it may have lived off fish.

Length: 6-7 m
Weight: 300-500 kg

Age: Jurassic (200-190 mio years ago)


that Dilophosaurus is one of the earliest theropods? This is a group of predator dinosaurs that also includes Allosaurus and Tyrannosaurus rex.

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