Albertosaurus means “Alberta lizard”.

Albertosaurus was a large predator dinosaur. It was closely related to Tyrannosaurus rex, although a little smaller and with thinner, longer limbs. This probably made it a better hunter than T. rex. In the same way as some other theropods (two-legged predators such as Ceratosaurus, Allosaurus and T. rex) Albertosaurus had short but strong forelegs. It is not known what it used them for. Perhaps they helped it get up when laying down. Or they may have served to help it hold onto is prey.

Length: 8-9 m
Weight: 1,5-2 t
Age: Late Cretaceous (76-74 mio years ago)

that Albertosaurus lived at the same time as Triceratops? It is therefore likely that there were numerous lethal encounters between the two species.

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